brothersThe other day I decided that Simon needed a few more 9 month size onesies. (Yes you read that right…9 months clothes at 3 months old). We had a fair number of them that Elias wore, but I wanted two or three more because it seemed like we were always running out. I found a cute “little brother” onesie that almost perfectly matched a “big brother” shirt that Elias has. On Saturday morning, I dressed them both in their shirts brothers 2and tried for a photo op. I haven’t been too successful at getting Elias to pose next to Simon for the camera. This time was no different. I actually made Elias cry because I pushed too hard…so I backed off and felt majorly guilty. A few minutes later, Simon blew out the onesie anyway so it’s good I enjoyed their matching outfits when I could. (Does anyone else notice that it is always the white onesies that get poop stains all over them?)

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