Fathers Day Fun

Happy Fathers Day to all of the Dads out there. We celebrated in lots of different ways today. We woke up and gave Daddy his cards and gift while still in our pajamas. Elias had made two different cards for his Daddy. We got Nathan a Hillsboro Hops baseball hat. Perfect timing for tomorrow’s opener!

The Daddy Wall!

The Daddy Wall!


Daddy and Simon first thing in the morning.


Daddy with both of his boys

Then we got ready and went to church. Both boys did well there, and we got to celebrate a member’s 90th birthday afterward. Elias ate a ton of strawberries and managed to drip strawberry all over his brand new polo.

When we got home I made the boys lunch before packing up to go to the pool. When Elias was born, I asked Nathan what he wanted his Fathers Day tradition to be. He decided on a trip to the swimming pool! We have done that every year since. (Three years now) Elias absolutely loved it. His favorite was jumping in, but he also enjoyed motor boats, shooting hoops, and playing on a big mat. Simon also took swimming in stride. He even smiled once or twice this time!

We went home for a short rest, gave everyone baths, and then got ready to go out again. This time we headed over to Uncle Scott and Auntie Kristy’s house to celebrate with my dad. I wished I had brought my camera. Elias was picking strawberries and raspberries to pop in his mouth right off their backyard plants. There were also some very rowdy sword fights between Elias, Uncle Scott, and Baba. My boys are so lucky to have so many good men in their lives. My brother cooked a great meal (bbq ribs and chicken), but the best part was just hanging out with family.

Now both boys are asleep, Nathan is at his softball game, and I am trying to relax a bit. A great day!

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