Summer Bucket List 2013

shortsIt’s time for the Smith Family 2013 Summer Bucket List! We’ve been doing the seasonal bucket lists for two years now, and it really helps us to get outside and enjoy life as well as try new things. Hopefully we’ll do them for years to come!

swim suitThis summer for our bucket list I created a clothes line to hang above our fire place. I created a template for both a boys and girls swimsuit, and then cut out a bunch from a variety of brightly colored papers. Then I wrote one bucket list item on the back of each swim suit and hung them on the clothes line. It turned out great! The only thing I didn’t like about it was that my son didn’t get to participate in making it. I’m thinking of having him decorate something to go on the wall with our bucket list, but that is a project for another day.

closeupWhat is on our bucket list this summer? Here it is:

Make (and eat) healthy popsicles

– Have a picnic on the waterfront

– Play in the ocean

-Participate in the Portland Bridge Pedal

-Attend an Oregon Zoo concert

– Go on a day hike with the Kelty backpack

-Run a 5K

-Drink lemonade while putting our bare feet in the grass

-Play a family soccer game

– Go down a water slide

-Have a big bbq at a park

-Start a savings plan for a piano

-Try 4 new dinner recipes

-Take a tour of the USS Blueback at OMSI

-Visit the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum

-Go to Enchanted Forest

-Visit Voodoo Donuts

A view of the whole clothes line

A view of the whole clothes line

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  1. Linda says:

    I want to go on the water slide too!

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