Letter of the Week: A Toddler’s Alphabet Study (Ii)

Ii week was a lot of fun here in the Smith household. I decided to do both long and short Ii words. However, Elias insists that “I says ih” (short i). Oh well. He’s only two and we had fun anyway….and he’s got it partly right!

Saturday: I is for Ink

We got Elias a transportation stamp set for Christmas 2012. It got a bit lost in the shuffle since he opened a bunch of presents from a bunch of different people in a couple short days. We decided to put the stamp set away in our closet for another special time because we didn’t think he even noticed it. Voila! Christmas in June! We used just red and blue ink at first, but then expanded to other colors.

P1120456Sunday: I is for Isaac

Nathan read to Elias about Isaac from his children’s Bible. Israel is a bit abstract for his age and Isaiah was also a bit out of his reach. So…Isaac it was.

Monday: I is for Igloo

I had a great craft planned. We were going to make a marshmallow igloo. However, when we got started on it, we discovered that the marshmallows I had purchased were all melted, gooey, and stuck together in large clumps. We plugged away trying to separate marshmallows and glue them into an igloo for about ten minutes. The marshmallows just stuck to our fingers. I was very frustrated and so was Elias. So we quit. No igloo for us. Next time I’m going with sugar cubes.

Tuesday: I is for Ice

On Tuesday we made magic ice. We mixed baking soda and water. Then I let Elias dye it with food coloring, and add sprinkles (or as he calls them “decorations”). We put it all in the freezer for a few hours. In the evening, he took out his ice cubes and poured vinegar on them. They were fizzing fun. It would have been nice to do this outside in hot weather….but no such luck. It was still fun! (I’ve also heard you can freeze just vinegar and add the baking soda after it’s frozen. Maybe we’ll try that another day to compare)

P1120483 P1120488 P1120505 P1120506Wednesday: I is for insect

Today we made insect fossils. I got some plastic insects for Elias, and got out the play-doh. We pressed the insects into the play-doh to leave an imprint. Elias really liked the activity. We had to get out all of the colors of play-doh, and we have done it every day since!

P1120511 P1120517 P1120520 P1120525Thursday: I is for Ice cream

Our song for the week was “Do you know the ice cream man” (to the tune of “do you know the muffin man”). So…we just had to go out for ice cream as a treat. We got a coupon in the mail for Cold Stone so we decided to go there. Of course, Elias wanted nothing to do with the ice cream himself. But he was interested in what flavors we chose.

Friday: I is for Ibex

We made an ibex toilet paper roll craft that I found on DLTK. I was planning on checking out a book from the library so that we could learn about the ibex, but I never got around to it. Elias enjoyed making the ibex, and was excited to show it to Daddy when he got home from work.

P1120594 P1120597

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