Simon – 4 Months

Simon is four months old today. I feel like things are going by so much faster the second time around…yet I can’t imagine a time without him. We are just so blessed to have him with us. At four months…Simon rolls over well from front to back. He laughs and squeaks and squawks often. He drools like a faucet. He loves tummy time. His favorite toys are soft things that he can grab and stick in his mouth. Simon has a lot of trouble falling asleep, and often wakes up many many times in his first hour or so of sleep. However, after that, he most often sleeps through the night these days.

In honor of his being four months old, I naturally took lots of pictures. Here are a few of them…but probably still more than most people would care to look at. Scroll through as many as you like. They are pretty darn cute:

P1120537 P1120544 P1120545 P1120546 P1120563 P1120567 P1120569 P1120590

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