Reading, Bath Time, and Other Fun Times

readingElias is still moving forward in his relationship with Simon. His pediatrician said it could take six months for him to adjust to a new normal…and it’s only been three and a half…but we are well on our way. Each day there is something new that Elias wants to do with/for Simon, or something he says that shows he is becoming more comfortable with and loving his little brother more every day.

P1120059A few days ago, Elias decided he wanted to read to Simon. He went to get one of our cloth books that he had seen my friend Jenny reading to her son. Then he set it in front of Simon and started reading the pages. The book was called “colors”. Elias said the color, and talked about all of the objects with Simon. It was so cute. Simon was very interested in the book too…so it was a good choice!

Usually at bath time, Simon gets his bath in the baby bath tub while Elias watches. Then I get Simon ready for bed while Elias gets his bath in the big tub with Daddy. This evening, Elias suddenly exclaimed that he wanted to help wash Simon. He grabbed a spare washcloth, dipped it in the water, and started rinsing his brother. He was tentative at first. He just dripped a bit on Simon’s stomach…but didn’t want to touch him. Then he got the idea that he wanted to wash Simon’s head. I was torn for a bit…watching Elias love and get closer to his younger brother….and also watching the water drip and drip and drip into Simon’s eyes. Poor little guy didn’t even get that much water in his face at the pool! Finally, I said, “Alright! His head is done! Mommy’s turn! Thank you so much for helping, Elias.” Elias was so proud, and Simon was a little trooper like always.

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