Hillsboro Hops

P1120397Hillsboro is now the proud host of an official minor league baseball team. The Hillsboro Hops will be having their first season here in a week or so. Since Nathan is an avid baseball fan, and is instructing our boys in the art of baseball fan-dom, we snatched up a four game mini plan and tickets to the season opener.

What’s a good way to help cheer on your team? T-shirts! I purchased the boys matching Hops t-shirts. Unfortunately, they had no baby or toddler sizes. The smallest they had was a child small. It looks like it will be fitting Elias for a few years to come! When he came out in his new t-shirt I gave a good chuckle at its size compared to him. But he was so proud to be wearing a P1120400matching t-shirt with Daddy. All day he talked about his shirt so I couldn’t make him change.

Elias even christened his Hops shirt with his own blood later in the evening! He was running outside and took a spill. He got his first ever chin scrape complete with blood on the shirt. We’re looking forward to a fun summer of baseball!

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