Hops baseball count

We’ve been getting out to a lot of Hillsboro Hops baseball games this summer. I’ve been to five, and Elias has been to four, with mommy and Simon having been to three. It’s always a lot of fun.

We’ve been getting front-row seats for the games. When you have front-row seats, baseballs come your way, by two main paths. First of all is the traditional: the foul ball. One of the games I was about an inch from snagging a foul. And tonight I barely missed another. But in the same inning I got lucky and caught one (which was deflected by Uncle Scott). So far we have one baseball souvenir from foul balls.

The second way you get baseballs by sitting in the front row is by having a cute two-year-old with you. Elias is quite the ball magnet. In games where he has sat in the front row, we are three for three in having a player or coach hand him a ball.

So we have a total of four balls from Hops games. I think I’ll keep the total updated on the blog.

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