A Little Slice of Family Life

Last night was our last Hops Game. That makes a total of eight this season for Nathan, seven for Elias, and six each for me and Simon. We loved seeing the Hops play.

Last night was supposed to be the season ending celebration for Nathan’s softball team. Nothing like watching a little baseball to celebrate a fun summer softball league. The clouds looked dark, but we grabbed our raincoats and headed out for some fun. Here is the fam waiting for the game to begin:

P1140398 During the first couple innings it sprinkled on and off, but we didn’t let that stop our fun. However, by the third inning, it was starting to come down pretty good. More and more fans were abandoning their seats for the upper level where food is sold. We are true Oregonians, though, and stayed in our seats all the way until a rain delay was called. We did question the intelligence of this considering I was feeling sick, and we have a baby and a toddler…but it was warm rain so no harm done….

P1140399When the rain delay was called, we decided to head home. Sorry Hops! I did get a picture with Barley the Hop before leaving, though!

P1140401When we got home, we just spent some time together before putting the boys to bed. Elias and Simon played with their footballs from Auntie Kristy, Simon gave out some slobbery kisses, and Elias took a few pictures himself! It’s a little slice of family life:

P1140402 P1140405 P1140407 P1140408 P1140411 P1140422

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