Fountain Fun

Today was the last day that Auntie Erin, Audrey and Sonya are in town for this round of family visits. We are sad to see them go. We went to the 53rd Avenue park in Hillsboro to have fun together, and then had dinner in the evening so Nathan could see them again as well.

The park was fun because there is a playground, sand area, and fountains. All of the kids enjoyed making the rounds to all of the adventures the park had to offer. Simon got to have his first time playing in fountains since he is able to sit up now.

Here are some pictures of our fun:

I made a fort for Simon. The one downside of the park is the lack of shady areas. Simon fell asleep for a nap so I made a shady fort for him. He slept in there for thirty minutes or so (I think). I thought he might be upset to find himself in there when he woke up, but he wasn’t phased at all. He turned himself onto his stomach, and started crawling out. His little head poked out and he looked at me like, “I’m back!”

P1140286Here is a cute one of Simon and Nana after he woke up:

P1140293Eventually, I got Simon all dressed in his swim trunks and brought him to the one fountain that just bubbles the whole time. He loved it! He was fascinated with the water and played for a long time. Occasionally, he put his fingers just right so that the water squirted up into his face. He was startled, but always recovered quickly. By the end his face was dripping wet.

P1140297 P1140308 P1140322 P1140345Elias had fun at the fountains too. He was pretty tentative, but said it was his favorite part about the park during our car ride home.

P1140331 P1140318Elias and Sonya came over to play with Simon for a bit. There was room for everyone!

P1140313 P1140330And just for fun….I think this may be photo evidence of Simon’s first “Bartle stare.”

P1140334What fun!

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