Bridge Stride


Here we are going up the off ramp of the Fremont bridge.

“We walked too much.” That’s what Nathan said about our day today. We did walk a lot! (But I wouldn’t say it was too much). We did the Providence Bridge Stride for the first time. I wanted to participate in Bridge Pedal, but Simon is not old enough to ride in the bike trailer, so we had to settle for the 5 mile walk instead. It was still a ton of fun! We got to walk over the Fremont and Steel bridges as well as wind around down town and through some neighborhoods. Elias rode in the stroller for a good portion of the event, but walked a bit as well.

We were probably close to the last people who started the event. We arrived late as our usual fashion. (To our credit….the website said you could pick up registration materials all the way until 9am…so we thought arriving at 8:10 or so was pretty good. Turns out everyone else left the start line at 8:00). By the end, though, we had more than caught up with the pack, and enjoyed ourselves along the way. We definitely hope to do this again next year….hopefully on bikes!

Here are some pics from the top of the Fremont Bridge!

P1140102 P1140107 P1140111 P1140112This used to be one of my favorite sights in the whole world. When I was going to college in Tacoma, this sight meant I was home:

P1140130Elias and Daddy having some fun:

P1140141Crossing over the Steel bridge:

P1140155 P1140166

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  1. Renee says:

    Looks like a great time was had by all. Great photos Kimberly!

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