Enchanted Forest

We had a free Saturday morning, and had a number of things we thought would be fun to do today. We settled on taking the boys to Enchanted Forest…something we’ve been wanting to do for a while. We had a leisurely morning, packed a picnic, and headed down to Turner. Elias had a blast on Storybook Lane and he also loved the kiddy rides. We’ll definitely be going back next year and beyond! Before leaving Turner, we headed over to visit Great Grandpa Smith’s grave. We paid our respects and then drove on home to get ready for some cousin fun. Here are some pictures of our Enchanted Forest adventure:

Elias favorite part of Storybook Lane was Mary and the Lamb.

Elias’ favorite part of Storybook Lane was Mary and the Lamb.


Elias enjoyed the Queen of Hearts’ maze, but I think he was seriously tempted to just crawl out under the walls. He kept bending down to look underneath them.


The shoe slide! Elias and Daddy went four times! Mommy and Simon went twice. It was quite fun.


The four of us just before our picnic lunch.


Elias and Daddy on the Frog Hopper. Elias went on three rides: the train, the bobsleds, and the frog hopper. He said the bobsleds was fast, and the frog hopper was scary. You can tell he is nervous if you look at his face in this picture. We tried to tell him that rides being a little scary is what makes them fun.

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