House Chaos, Spaghetti Messes, and the Scum-bag Sister Award

After our weekend of non-stop partying, we continued the chaos a bit longer. Having Greg and Shaina in town has been so fun.

The closing date for our house is tomorrow, but we thought we were going to be signing the docs today. Unfortunately a lot of chaos erupted and there were a few last minute things we had to provide the underwriters. You’d think they had never done this before. Long story short…we didn’t get to sign today, but we did go through a lot of stress!

I kept the boys home and inside all morning. They were both so tired, and slept in over an hour more than usual. Simon even slept for an hour during his morning nap. We had fun taking it easy in the morning. Simon loved playing with his new toy from Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina.

P1150924Unfortunately, it was my brother’s actual graduation ceremony today. I had wiffle-waffled back and forth so many times over whether or not to go. It was right during Simon’s nap time. I decided not to go because the boys really needed the rest, and I didn’t want to try to have both of them…trying to keep them quiet for an hour and a half.

But I get the scum-bag sister award for not going. Both of my brother’s sisters-in-law went as well as his future sister-in-law. And his only blood sister stayed home. I guess I just can’t do it all.

In the late afternoon, our realtor met us at the new house and let us in so that we could show Greg and Shaina the house before they leave. Our realtor was super nice to spend his time letting us in, but it was breaking my heart to have them miss seeing it by a day or two.

Then we headed out to the Spaghetti Factory to celebrate Scott’s actual graduation. Simon enjoyed his spaghetti a little too much…there was  a large mess on the floor!

P1150927After dinner we headed over to my parents’ one more time to say goodbye to Greg and Shaina. They are heading home tomorrow. It was a wonderful visit, and we’ll miss them very much!

Poor Simon just couldn’t quite make it to the end of the day. He fell asleep on the car ride home. When we got inside, I tried to remove his jacket, hat and shoes, but had to lay him on the floor. He looked so pitiful I just had to take a picture. Poor, tired boy!

P1150934And now I’m signing off….to catch some zzzzz’s myself.

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