The Weekend of Non-Stop Partying

It was the weekend of non-stop partying. After we went home from a late night surprise graduation party on Saturday, we woke up for Sunday School and Church. Elias really loves Sunday School, and Simon had his best week yet in the nursery according to his caregivers.

After church we came home for lunch and a bit of rest before the partying began again. This time we went over to Auntie Kristy and Uncle Scott’s house for an engagement party for Greg and Shaina. It was the only opportunity for a lot of the Oregon friends to see the couple since the wedding will be in Ohio. I was super tired and not very sociable. I knew I would regret it even while I was there, but could not summon the energy to socialize a whole bunch. I enjoyed myself, and got to talk to some family friends a bit, but mostly I just sat back and enjoyed a bit of relaxation.

Here are Greg and Shaina…the couple of the day. I’m very happy for them, and delighted to have Shaina in our family.

P1150841The nephews again…this time with Auntie Kristy.

P1150844Elias helped unwrap presents again.

And yes. I wrapped their engagement gift in elmo wrapping paper. Did I mention we are moving in a couple days?

P1150856After the engagement open house was over, we moved the party back over to my parents’ house. Since Greg and Shaina will not be in town for Christmas, we celebrated a bit early. We put up my parents’ tree, and decorated it together. Then we exchanged gifts, and finished off the night with a dinner of delicious ribs. Shaina’s parents sent the meal all the way from Ohio as a fun surprise.

Here is Simon opening his first present ever!

P1150907Simon wondering what to think about Uncle Scott….

P1150914Uncle Greg is ready for some ribs.

P1150917So yeah…. it was the weekend of non-stop partying. By the end, the boys were all super tired. I had to wake Nathan up at 10:00 p.m. so we could pack a bit for our move. He had fallen asleep in Elias’ bed, and was snoring louder than a train. It was a testament to how tired Elias was that he didn’t wake up with all that racket.

Nathan and I packed a bit, then played bananagrams way too late into the night just so we could have some down time together.

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