Elias Wrote His Name!

This afternoon was a gorgeous one, so when Simon woke up from his nap I took the boys outside to play. Elias went for a bit of baseball, and then we got out the sidewalk chalk.

I’ve known that Elias has the skills to write his own name for a long time. But for whatever reason, he has been very stubborn. Every time I bring it up, he just scribbles or refuses outright. I stopped pushing it because he is only three and I don’t want him to feel pressured or negative feelings towards writing/drawing. I’ve been trying to do a bit of pre writing to help his fine motor control, but I’ve been very laid back about it.

Imagine my surprise, then, when yesterday afternoon he called me over saying, “Mommy! Look what I did!”

P1160961He was very proud that he wrote his own name. Since then, he’s written his name a few more times. He wrote it with chalk again, wrote it with his finger on my back, and wrote it on Uncle Scott’s birthday card earlier today. He seems to get frustrated when it doesn’t look exactly like he pictured it. I’m trying not to make a huge deal of it, but it’s still a fun milestone! Too bad his first name writing attempt will wash away with the next rain. At least I snapped the picture!

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2 Responses to Elias Wrote His Name!

  1. Renee says:

    How fun! Great work Elias!

  2. janet says:

    oooooooo Good for Elias! He’s half way to being able to have his own library card! (When our Jon was little he was told that as soon as he could write his first and last names, he’d get his very own library card. )

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