Pitifully Tired

A few days ago around noon, I noticed that Simon was very sleepy. He usually goes down for his nap around 1:00 so I was hoping to get some lunch in him before he napped. I considered just putting him down because he’s been sick and he looked so tired, but decided against it.

I chose wrong.

The poor little guy ate a few strawberries off of his plate, but kept nodding off into his food. Finally, I decided to try feeding him yogurt instead of the lunch I had prepared so that he didn’t have to do so much work. I shoveled spoonfuls into his mouth a couple times. With his eyes closed he would open his mouth, take in the yogurt, and slowly…oh so slowly…get it to the back of his mouth and swallow it. He never opened his eyes through the whole process. It was so pitiful I was half laughing and half feeling like a terrible mother.

Finally, he just conked out with yogurt hanging out of his mouth. Nothing I did could rouse him enough to eat anything. I took him upstairs dreading that he would wake up in thirty minutes hungry, set him in the crib, and let him rest….but not before snapping this picture:

P1160960He ended up sleeping for about an hour…his only nap for the day. Needless to say, he was ready for bedtime!

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