There’s Nothing Quite Like….

Both boys are sick right now. Elias has horrible croup and a fever. Simon’s nose is spilling more gunk than niagra falls, and he has teeth coming in so he is quite cranky. But today was beautifully sunny, and it was warm so I thought there was no harm in taking the boys outside.

There’s nothing quite like feeling the sun on your back after what seems like a long winter. I enjoyed every second of the bat and ball, stroller walk, dirt digging, and other activities I participated in with my boys. I was in the sun!

The boys had fun too.

There’s nothing quite like some dirt and a tonka truck to make you feel like a little boy.

P1160906This truck is a hand-me down from Uncles Scott and Greg. It’s a real toy. Durable. Heavy. Metal. It will still be around for years and years. Elias was very excited when he saw it in the garage. He immediately asked for his spades, settled in the dirt/mud, and got to digging. He transported the dirt to the middle of our driveway and started making a pile. His pants were dirty in seconds, as were his hands. But I was so happy watching him.

There’s nothing quite like spilling your goldfish in the grass and mud and eating them anyway to know you are a little boy.


Simon found this snack cup in the bottom of the stroller from a walk earlier in the day (I had forgotten it was there). He picked it up and carried it around with him while he watched his big brother. I thought it was better than eating dirt…but then he did a little of that later too. After the remaining goldfish were gone, Simon got right in there in the mud as well.

There’s nothing quite like having a brother to play with on a sunny day.

P1160911They don’t often play together…mostly just near each other. And they didn’t for long today either. But they are growing together and learning every day. It’s fun to watch their relationship grow.

We had a lot of fun outside, but about 30 minutes after we came in, Elias had a fever over 102. Poor little guy. I hope it isn’t my fault for taking him outside. After some tylenol, though, he was doing much better and went to bed in good spirits and an almost normal temperature.

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  1. janet says:

    K- You did exactly what a superior mom would do. Enjoy the muddy jeans and shoes and the piles of dirt. They are precious, precious, precious.


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