Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung here in the Smith household…inside!

We are getting buds on many of our trees and plants, and flowers/shoots are starting to pop out of the soil. It’s so much fun to watch. I’d like my boys to have an awareness of all the beauty of spring, and the life cycles of plants. So…even though we were stuck inside due to sickness, we celebrated spring with some artwork!

While Simon was napping, I showed Elias a picture of a hyacinth. We actually had a live one in our house not too long ago, but it went the way most plants do in my house….I’m trying to learn how to care for them.

Anyway, we talked about the stem and leaves and flowers. I had Elias glue the stem and leaves to the paper (with my guidance on placement). Then I showed him how to use his finger to make the flowers with paint. (This again took some guidance). They really turned out beautiful:

P1160922Then, as always, I let him have free play art time. He could do whatever he wanted rather than my guided/structured hyacinth activity. He still wanted to make flowers so I cut him some more stems and leaves. He slathered them with glue, and placed them on the paper:

P1160915And…he actually still wanted to use his fingers rather than a brush. I guess he liked my project more than I had thought!

P1160919Elias had a lot of fun counting dots of different colors, and making beautiful spring flowers. Here are his creations:

P1160926After these three, he decided he just wanted to do dots. He made a few papers with thirty dots of each color. By that time, Simon had woken up and it was time for some lunch! Now we have some beautiful spring artwork for our display area!

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