Happy Easter!

Our Easter was filled with fun family traditions! What did we start with? Easter egg dying on Saturday afternoon!

Elias really enjoyed it this time. He chose solid colors and decorated them with stickers.

P1170514What did Simon do during all of this? Empty as many kitchen drawers as he could, and bang on the floor with the items!


Our Easter was a little odd, though, too. Saturday night we dropped the boys off at my parents’ house after dinner. Nathan and I played in the handbell choir at church at all of the services, and had to be there too early for two semi-sick little boys. My parents offered to let them have a sleepover, and drop them off to us at a more reasonable time in the morning.

Elias is an old pro at sleepovers, but it was Simon’s first time. I must admit I cried a little bit. But the boys did fine as I knew they would. My parents brought them dressed in their cute Easter outfits. Simon went happily down to the nursery, and Elias came to service with us. After the first service was over, we went outside for the Easter egg hunt. I wasn’t sure how they would do with it, but they both enjoyed it! Simon and Elias both found an egg right away. Simon proceeded to pick it up and put it back in the grass over and over again. Elias put his one egg in his basket and then followed Simon around the rest of the time. So they both only got one egg, but it was the experience that counted.

P1170535After the hunt we traded some time taking family pictures with another family. It is always fun to have one of the whole gang!

P1170556Then we went back inside for a bit before the next service. Simon again went to the nursery, and Elias came to church with us until Ama and Baba came back to get them. Simon needed a nap and Elias needed some play time.

After service, we went to my parents’ house to pick up the boys. Before we left, Ama and Baba had some Easter baskets and an egg hunt for them. Simon had just woken up from his nap so he didn’t really know what was going on at first.

P1170560 But he perked up a bit after tasting a bit of chocolate. He had never had quite so much chocolate before. He drooled chocolate brown mess all over his shirt!

P1170571Elias was happy to dig right in.

P1170564He was excited about each item, and held it up for me to take a picture. He even wanted me to take a picture of each piece of grass….I humored him a few times because it was pretty cute, but we didn’t have all day!

P1170587Look at this handsome man I am married to….

P1170575Then it was egg hunt time. Simon bit his basket in anticipation.

P1170596They boys had fun finding eggs again. Here they are going after the same one. A brotherly rivalry.

P1170604Simon enjoyed playing with the eggs for a bit.

P1170614But he got bored while Elias was opening them all up. Coasters are so much more interesting.

P1170612After this we decided to go home for a few hours. We were very thankful my parents helped us out so much! When we arrived at home, we had some Easter things for the boys ourselves! So we did the whole charade again. I started to feel like it was too much. Poor Simon did too.

P1170645But Elias was happy to continue the festivities. He found some eggs. Simon helped find a few, but mostly just wanted to put them in Elias’ basket. Elias was fine with that.

P1170639They enjoyed looking at their Easter baskets from us. Elias again wanted to hold everything up for a picture….but he wouldn’t look at me. Oh well.

P1170618I felt relieved when we were all finished. Nathan took the boys outside for a bit to play with some new bubbles. I got some alone time to bake some cookies, and clean the kitchen. Whoopeeee! We settled in together to read the resurrection story, and then it was about time to go out again.

We went to dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, ate some delicious food, and had some more quality time with family. It was a good way to end the day, but the boys were toast, and frankly, so was I!

Alleluia! The Lord is risen!

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  1. Linda says:

    We loved our first sleepover with both boys! We had so much fun and I think they did too! All in all, it was a very happy Easter!

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