Seed Planting Update!

A few weeks ago, I helped Elias plant some seeds. He chose many different variety of fruits and vegetables as well as flowers. We’ve been having fun watching them sprout. I have to say I am very pleased that most of the seeds actually worked! There are a few that didn’t (green beans and coleus) but for the most part, we have actual plants growing! Who would have thought? We’ve looked at how different they all are already.

Some of the seedlings were getting a bit large for their containers, and the tray didn’t drain rain water well at all so I thought it was time to transplant them into larger pots. Today while Simon was napping, Nathan Elias and I decided to get outside to do some work.

First, Elias filled all the pots with dirt. Then, he helped Nathan clean the grill while I weeded and finished getting things ready.

P1170656 Then we started transplanting the little sprouts. Elias did have fun moving a couple of the plants.

P1170661But he was mostly interested in the part where he got to mark the containers with a sharpie so we would know what they are:

P1170663Here are our carrots. We moved these into one of our big raised beds along with the brocolli. The rest are in pots for now until we figure out what is actually going to produce and what is going to need a bigger area.

P1170664Elias was excited about the project.

P1170667Here are our finished pots! Some of them look so small in the big pots. I hope I didn’t move them too soon. I really have no idea what I am doing….

P1170668Elias wanted to take a picture of one of the pumpkin sprouts.

P1170669So far so good! I really hope some of these actually produce things we can eat!

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