How To Plant A Rose Bush (Smith Family Style)

I’ve been wanting a rose bush for a few months now. We do live in Portland after all. When we went to Farmington Gardens yesterday, and I had a gift card, I decided to pick one out. Nathan told me he thought I meant I would want a rose bush in like 5 years. Well…no time like the present…especially with a gift card! Elias helped me pick out my rose bush, and we brought it home.

Today it was time to plant the rose bush. So…here is how to plant a rose bush. (Smith Family Style)

Step One: Distract the Children

The key here is to keep the children away from the work space while your husband is clearing the spot. We wanted to remove a different bush, and put the rose bush in its place because that was the best sun spot in the yard (and we didn’t like the other bush that much). This is easier said than done. For example, I arrived outside approximately 15 seconds after the three boys, and by the time I got out, Simon had already eaten dirt.

I was able to get Simon interested in playing with some whiffle balls. Here he is telling me that he threw one behind the hydrangea:

P1170927Those will be difficult to retrieve, but I did not care at the time because he was happy and occupied.

Step 2: Keep Distracting the Children (Don’t forget about the other one)

Like I said, this is easier said than done….especially with Daddy doing such interesting things with such interesting tools. But Elias is interested by the camera, so I kept taking pictures of him playing under our trees and letting him view them. That worked for awhile.

P1170933Step 3: Enjoy the Most Important Family Past-time While Daddy Keeps Working

Baseball! Elias loves playing, and Simon is becoming more and more interested (and able). This picture was taken shortly after he hit a ball off of the tee.

P1170939Step 4: Finally Give in and Let the Kiddos “Help.”

What is more interesting than a big hole in the dirt? I found Elias a shovel and he went over to help Daddy dig the hole. Simon of course followed, and though he didn’t have a shovel, he found something else that would work.

P1170941 P1170942Step 5: Completely Forget About the Rose Bush and Get Distracted by All the Cute Things Your Kids are Doing

The boys were so cute “helping” with the hole. We got distracted and let them help with a few other things too. Elias helped me trim back some of the other bushes. We weeded a bit. We ate a strawberry that is ripe. Elias helped put all of the debris into the yard debris container. All sorts of fun things! Simon found Daddy’s shovel while we were cleaning up and found out what he was missing! What fun!

P1170948Step 6: Remember That You Came Out To Plant A Rose Bush

Oh yeah…we are supposed to be planting a rose bush. Work together to get the soil ready, get the bush out of its pot, and set it in the hole. Fill in dirt. Stand back and admire.

P1170950Step 7: Revel in its Beauty

Roses are so beautiful. Don’t forget to pray that you’ll be able to take care of it well enough for beautiful flowers to grow every year!


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