Seed Planting Update!

We have had our first harvest from Elias’ seed planting back in March. We have been watching with excitement as the plants grow. Many of them are doing very well. Today, though, we had two notable things.

First, we were able to harvest our first radish! It was very exciting to actually go through the entire process of planting, watering, caring for the plant, and watching it grow. Now if I could only get Elias to try it….of course the first successful plant was a radish.

P1170960Second, I transplanted the pumpkins again. We moved them into a pot a few weeks ago, but they were starting to outgrow it. This time, I planted them in the ground. We had been outside for a long time by the time we got to the pumpkins. Elias said he was cold and wanted to go inside so he didn’t really get to be a part of this transplanting. But I’m sure he’ll enjoy watching the plants grow in their new spot! Hopefully they will yield some pumpkins for us this fall!


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