Matching Jammies

P1170729My sister in law once told me that my niece loves matching jammies with her little sister. Specifically she said, “Matching jammies make me happy.”

Well Audrey….matching jammies make me happy too. Elias picked these out a few weeks ago, and though we have all of the hand me down jammies for Simon, I thought I would buy him one set just so we could have a matching pair. After baths this evening, I dressed Elias, and Nathan dressed Simon. Without consulting, we both happened to pick the matching pair. I thought I would snap a few pictures since they were so cute in their matching jammies, brushing their teeth together.

P1170725Here they are again, standing on the stool together. I love pictures like this where they are looking at each other. Their relationship is really developing and changing so quickly now that Simon is more mobile, has more language, and can stick up for himself a bit.


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