Wardrobe Changes

Each year when the seasons change, I have to change out the boys’ wardrobes from winter to spring/summer or from summer to fall/winter. Since we are saving the clothes for more potential children, I fold them carefully away into their storage box, and get out the new ones to fill their dresser.

Usually when I get out Simon’s new box, I look at the clothes sentimentally, remembering how Elias wore them when he was little. Today, though, I took out the 2T box. For Simon. Many of the 18 months clothes fit him well, but some are getting snug (it just depends on the brand) But I decided since we are changing out to the spring wardrobe anyway, I would just move him up to the next size.

I took each item out of the box, and I couldn’t believe how recently it seemed Elias had worn them. And then I did the math. Elias changed from 2T to 3T in the spring of 2013. That means that he was only wearing those clothes a little over a year ago! How in the world is Simon growing so fast? It is too fast, and my mind has been in a whirl over it all day.

I do feel lucky that we are able to save all of these clothes. We won’t have to buy anything for Simon for the next year (or however long he fits into the 2T size!).

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