We got Simon a small slide for his first birthday. He always had fun on it, but it made me nervous because he needed help climbing up and sliding down. Recently, however, Simon has finally reached the stage where he can climb up the steps, safely maneuver his feet in front of him, and slide down safely all on his own. It has opened up a world of fun for the boys in playing together. They race around and around taking turns down the slide.

P1170802Of course, Simon likes to do everything his big brother does. That includes giving stuffed animals or cars or other toys a turn down the slide. That includes yelling or screaming in joy on the way down…whatever Elias comes up with. The most nerve-wracking for me, though, was the tummy slide. Elias is tall enough to actually reach the bottom of the slide while his feet are still at the top. Simon….no so much. So I have to watch carefully. I don’t want him to get a busted lip!

P1170806In these few days of heat, Simon has been barefoot…another slide no no. His feet once got stuck, and the momentum launched his body off the slide. Socks are a must from now on!

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