Elias’ First Trout Catch!

Uncle Scott has been itching to take Elias out trout fishing since before he was born. Elias did go on the boat with the boys once at Hagg Lake, but no fish were caught. Uncle Scott has been scheming for awhile to get us out trout fishing again. The weather cooperated very nicely this evening so we picked up Daddy at the train station, and headed out with a picnic to meet Uncle Scott, Auntie Kristy, Ama and Baba at Commonwealth Lake Park.

Elias was very excited to fish. He needs a little work on his technique. He didn’t seem to understand that he needs to keep the pole tip up or that you can’t just walk around with the pole…but you know…minor details. He enjoyed it very much.

P1170746 P1170758We took a break for our picnic dinner, during which the fish started biting. Uncle Scott got the first catch. He let Simon touch it before he released it back in the lake. I snapped the picture just a moment too soon, but Simon did touch the fish.

P1170779Then Simon decided he wanted to try out this fishing thing.

P1170783Then, Elias caught his first fish! He reeled it in almost all by himself.

P1170789Here you can see the fish still in the water, but Elias almost has it all the way in.

P1170791Here is Uncle Scott with the pliers trying to disconnect the fish so we can release it. Elias was a little traumatized by the fish flopping. He pretty much threw down the pole and grabbed for Baba for dear life.

P1170793Elias’ picture with his first fish…he pretty much didn’t want anything to do with it. He just wanted it to go back in the “pool.”

P1170796But once it was back in the lake, Elias was super excited! This picture says it all:

P1170797He was excited for awhile after that:

P1170800Then he wanted to try again!

P1170801On the way home he said, “I just want to be fishing.” and “My favorite part was catching the fish.” Uncle Scott has a lot of work to do if he wants a fishing buddy…but I think we’re off to a good start.

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