Funny Face Fun!

Here in the Smith household we don’t need a lot of fancy stuff to have some great family fun. All we need is a clean laundry pile!

After Nathan’s softball game, we came home, made (and ate) some burritos for dinner, and tried to start getting ready for the week ahead. The boys decided to start playing in the clean laundry pile on the couch. I guess it is my fault for leaving them there instead of folding them right away…but sometimes you just don’t have time…you know?

When the chores were finished, Nathan and I joined the boys in some play before bed time. They were so cute burying themselves in undershirts, pants, socks, and more (all clean) that I decided to get out the camera and start snapping pictures. We got some good ones!

P1180014 P1180027 P1180031After a few cute pictures, I suggested to Elias that we do a funny face picture. I thought we might get one…or maybe two if we were really lucky. But Elias really took to it! That one idea brought on 10 or 15 more minutes of family fun making funny faces and playing in the clean laundry pile. We took a bunch…but here are a few of my favorites.

You never have to wonder why we occasionally wear wrinkled clothing!

P1180040After each one, Elias jumped off the couch, ran over the see the picture, giggled a whole bunch, and then ran back to take another one.

P1180047P1180045After we were done with funny faces, Elias wanted to try taking a few of his own. Many of them came out fuzzy or had his fingers in them. A few were pictures of his own face because he had the camera turned backward. But this one was pretty good:

P1180055It would have been even better if Nathan hadn’t leaned over so far. I am laughing in the background because I don’t know why in the world he is doing that!

Anyway…vacations and big outings and activities are fun, but I hope that someday I remember these kinds of moments the most. These are the real spice of family life.

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