Reunited And It Feels So Good!

After a crazy five weeks with me working, a bit of relaxation is in order. But it will have to wait another week or so because we have a bunch of family in town. We have been looking forward to their visit for weeks…even months!

P1180567Yesterday, Grandpa arrived by train and he will be staying with us for a little over a week. Elias told me this evening in the bath, “I will always love Grandpa.” It was so cute. I told him he should tell Grandpa that, so he said, “I love you Grandpa!” (Of course Grandpa and Daddy were out of the house at a couple baseball games…but maybe the cute moment will repeat itself some time.

In the evening after dinner, Elias was reunited with his cousins and his Auntie, who we haven’t seen since the beginning of April. There was no warm up period needed. These kids got right down to business playing together. There were immediate giggles as they played together. What fun!


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