Elias has loved t-ball since he was about 18 or 20 months old when Baba purchased him his first tee and bat set. He has gotten quite good at swinging the bat if I do say so myself.

When my friend mentioned that the Tualatin Hills Park and Rec district had a t-ball league for three and four year olds, my ears immediately perked up. And sign him up we did!

Elias’ first t-ball class was last tuesday. We arrived at the field and he was very excited. There were people running around and screaming everywhere and I think he must have felt very intimidated so he started crying. However, when it was time to start warm-ups and he recognized his coach and his friend, he went right over and had a blast.

He he is stretching:

P1180481While all of the big kids where out on the field doing stretches, warm ups, and throwing practice, Simon took advantage of the opportunity to take a few swings on the tee while no one was around. He was so proud.

P1180472After throwing practice, Elias and his team mates got a chance to learn how to run the bases. Much hilarity ensued. Not many of the kids actually touched all four bases. But they were proud of themselves so that is what is important. Elias got two turns swinging and hitting the ball off the tee. He whacked it as always. Here he is arriving at home plate. He left hungry for more…a good sign!


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