The Last Day of My Twenties

Today was the last day of my twenties. I have to say that fact doesn’t really bother me. But thirty does sound kind of old when I’m referring to myself. I am looking forward to my thirties decade.

What did I do on the last day of my twenties? I just hung out with the fam. It was wonderful. The boys both slept in since we were out so late last night. Simon slept in to a jaw dropping 6:55, and Elias slept in until 8:30. It was amazing.

Nathan took Elias to home depot for a father-son “date” to the kids workshop. It was the first time they had gone, but it really is a cool program! Elias got to make his own bug catcher, and got his own home depot apron with a bug catcher pin.

P1180391While the boys were gone, I got to have some quality time with Simon. We stayed around the house, first playing outside a bunch, and then reading books inside. He was especially excited to try out big brother’s bike while he was gone. Simon couldn’t reach the pedals, but he sat on it while I pushed him around.

P1180381After lunch, Simon was very sleepy so I put him down for a nap. He napped for two whole hours which is unheard of around here. He must still be recovering from the tough week and staying out late last night.

After naps we went over to Nana’s house and went swimming in her pool. She fed us dinner and birthday cupcakes. Elias is really getting confident in the pool…almost to a scary degree. I think he has more confidence than he should right now. We’ll have to be extra diligent until he gets enough skills to catch up!

So…I didn’t do anything spectacular for the last day of my twenties. But I was right where I wanted to be!

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