Summer Evenings

We had a great summer evening today. We are at the beginning of a big, long, summer humid heat wave….with no air conditioning. I know we are far from the first to suffer this fate. We are not alone. But it does not make it much easier to make it through.

I was especially disappointed this evening when we had to decide not to go to swimming lessons. I was really looking forward to getting into the pool for baby and me class to cool off. The boys really just needed a night at home, though.

What did we do to beat the heat, then?

Nathan took Elias to Great Clips for his summer hair cut. His hair was getting long and every time Elias got sweaty he looked so uncomfortable. Elias is a bit nervous about haircuts, so when he suggested he wanted one, we ran with it!

While the boys were gone, I cleaned out our water table that had gotten neglected while I’ve been at work. There was all sorts of grossness growing in there. After it was clean, we filled it again and Simon played…soaking himself with the cool water.

When Nathan and Elias got back home we played some good ol’ fashioned bat and ball after the sun had gone behind the house across the street. It was still warm outside, but cool enough to make it enjoyable. The boys had a blast.

P1180394 P1180397 P1180398On a side note…Elias suggested that Simon get a haircut too. Nathan has been wanting Simon’s hair cut for a couple months now. But I refuse! Those curls aren’t going anywhere…summer heatwave or no.

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  1. Linda says:

    I agree! No haircut for those curls- not yet anyway!

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