Ahh, Brotherly Love

On Friday morning after breakfast, Elias asked me if he could go outside in the backyard and play. I still had to clean up the breakfast dishes, sweep the floors, and do a couple of other chores, but I decided to let him go out and play anyway. Of course Simon wanted to go with him. I could hear them talking to each other so I knew they weren’t getting into too much trouble. At first they were just playing in the grass, and sharing the bat, tee, and balls. It was harmonious.

All of a sudden, I heard the water turn on. I went to look, and this is what I found:

P1190032When I asked Elias what he was doing, he responded that Simon wanted to play at the water table. It was pretty cute how they were playing together. I went back to my chores.

A few minutes later when I peeked out to check on them, I saw Elias spraying and soaking Simon with the hose. To his credit, he was mostly avoiding his face and head, and was instead going for Simon’s stomach and legs. But really? He was soaking Simon with the hose? I really couldn’t tell if he was trying to exert some power over his little brother if they really were just playing. After I told him to stop he decided to soak himself instead. There it was before 9am and they already needed an outfit change!

P1190036They may have been up to some mischief, but they were having fun playing together, and that’s what counts!

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