Simon At Bat

Since Nathan and Elias love baseball so much, it is natural that Simon would develop a love for it as well. Recently, he has really taken an interest in hitting off the tee. 18 months is right around the time Elias started really enjoying “bat and ball” as well so it is bringing back a lot of fond memories for me when I watch Simon play.

Elias is becoming somewhat of a batting whiz, and Simon has learned mostly by watching his brother (as with most everything else in his life). The boys are (almost always) good at sharing our bat, and taking turns hitting the ball. We have lost quite a few whiffle balls over the backyard fence, but luckily the neighbors are kind enough to return most of them promptly.

Because Simon is so cute at bat, I took a bunch of videos of him. Here is one for your enjoyment:

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  1. Linda says:

    So cute! They are both really good at hitting the ball! They are naturals!

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