Bloody Nose

Poor Elias had a pretty bad bloody nose earlier this evening. We were playing baseball out in the backyard. Simon usually hits off the tee, because let’s face it, he’s not very successful at hitting pitched balls. But hitting pitched balls is what Elias does so Simon likes to “take a whack at it.”

One thing I know from experience is that Simon stands way to close to the pitcher when he attempts hitting pitched balls. In fact, he pretty much hits me with every swing. I try to jump out of the way, but sometimes he gets me. Knowing this, I should have just refused when Elias pleaded with me to take a turn pitching to Simon. But it’s hard to resist letting them play together.

So I handed Elias the ball, and started walking around Simon. In my head I was thinking that I would back Simon up, and stand right next to him to ensure he did not hit Elias with the bat. But Simon was too quick. He swung at the ball, and hit Elias square on the nose. Hard.

It was just a plastic bat, but Elias immediately burst into tears (which is very rare) so I knew he must be hurting a lot. Then came the blood gushing out. Poor little guy. Let’s just say we both needed a change of clothes after that one!

Now he can say his brother hit him in the face with a baseball bat. Let’s hope it is the one and only time!

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