Our Little Ring Bearer

Uncle Greg and (soon to be) Auntie Shaina flew in to town late Thursday night. We got to see them on Friday. Even though we seldom see Greg anymore now that he lives in Ohio, Elias has always loved him very much, and was very excited.

When we arrived at my parents house to visit, Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina had a surprise for Elias. They pulled out a special treasure box. When Elias opened it, this is what he found:

P1180837There was also a small lego helicopter inside, which Elias promptly wanted to build.

P1180834What a cute and fun thing they did for my boy! I’m not sure he really understands what a ring bearer is, but he said he was definitely up for the job! Next May my little guy will be part of the wedding party. What fun!

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