Rose Garden and Backyard Fun

Yesterday we got to spend some time with Uncle Greg and Auntie Shaina. We went to the Rose Garden for a picnic, which was a beautiful setting as always. Mostly though, we were just happy to be together.

P1180841After lunch we took the chance to walk around the gardens for awhile. Elias was very excited to smell all of the flowers, and show his favorites to everyone.

P1180844Simon had a good time too, although you can’t tell it from any of the pictures. He was a little upset that we made him stay with us rather than run off wherever his desire took him.

P1180853This was a popular flower!

P1180856When we got back to my parents’ house, Simon took a nap, and then we decided to go play outside in the backyard. Elias loves the little pool. A bunch of us waded or got in the pool with him. Some of the men sat out in the shade.

P1180879Uncle Greg decided to put on his swim suit and have some fun. Elias somehow convinced him to do this a lot of times:

P1180891Simon did enjoy the pool for a little while, but wanted to get out and play at the water table. Auntie Shaina joined him.

P1180892We are having such a busy week with so much family in town on both Nathan and my side. But our hearts are full and we wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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