Pinata, Pool, and the Final Days of Family Fun

Our Spokane family left on Tuesday, as did Grandpa. We had a lot of fun in the last couple days of their visit. Elias asks if his cousins will be there every time we load up the car to go somewhere, and I have to constantly remind him that they are in Washington.

We got to celebrate Audrey’s birthday while she was here. She really wanted a pinata, but the place where her birthday party is going to be in Spokane won’t allow them. Auntie Erin bought one here in Oregon, and we decided to let the kids have at it in the backyard. All four of the kiddos had a lot of fun. Simon didn’t really know what he was doing, but he did make the bat have contact with the pinata, which was fun.

Elias and Audrey both had some pretty powerful swings. The pictures don’t show it, but they both helped demolish the thing:

P1180937 P1180942The four kids just weren’t able to give the pinata a good enough whack, so Nathan took a turn. In two swings he had a huge hole ripped in the bottom, and with that, candy would fly out with almost every swing the kids made. It was quite exciting. Near the end, we let Nana take a whack at it. She finished it off for us.


Here is the birthday girl, proud of her pinata:


On Monday, we went swimming at Nana’s pool. Both boys had a lot of fun with their cousins one final time.

P1180977 P1180979 P1180987 P1180995It doesn’t really matter what we do, though. These cousins just love being together:


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