Elias’ 4th Birthday Party

Elias turns four in about a week. We held a birthday party for him and some friends at our house this afternoon. Elias had a blast!

A few weeks ago when I asked Elias what theme he wanted for his birthday party, he decided on a chocolate fountain and a pinata. He was very sure of his choice. He wanted those two things. I took him to the store, and he picked out a dinosaur pinata, and I borrowed a chocolate fountain. We were ready to party!

The pinata actually worked really well. Each of the kids got a couple of turns. Here are Elias and Simon doing some damage!

P1190308P1190306Elias wasn’t the one who put the final death blow, but he gave some pretty hearty whacks that caused a lot of damage. After the pinata was completely broken, each of the kids got a bag, and got right down to choosing some toys and candy to take home.

P1190309Here are the boys showing their loot to Ama and Baba:

P1190315After the pinata fun, we had some dinner. Simon really enjoyed dipping his vegetables…and even ate some broccoli with his dip!

P1190324After dinner it was time for dessert! The chocolate fountain! Elias made sure we all sung Happy Birthday.

P1190328Then the chocolate fountain fun began. Notice the birthday boy has no chocolate on his strawberry, though. He decided that he didn’t actually want any chocolate on any of his items. He ate them plain. It was all just for show. Don’t worry, though. The rest of us all took advantage of that chocolate fountain!

P1190336Then it was time for some more outdoor play. It was a really pleasant evening, and it was so much fun to play and chat with friends. I really feel so blessed right now. Elias has come so far in the last year. We didn’t even have a 3rd birthday party for him last year because he would have just cried from all of his social anxiety issues. Today he was running around with his friends and having a great time. We are so thankful for this little boy and how he is growing.

The boys had a lot of fun digging and playing in the dirt. Simon got absolutely filthy. But he was happy to look at the camera and say “cheese!”

P1190338After all of our guests left, it was time for bath and bed, but we let Elias open his presents first.

P1190350We let him put one puzzle together before we forced them upstairs to get clean.

P1190355Thank you to everyone who helped make Elias’ 4th birthday party special.

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