Who Has The Most Influence?

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, the boys were playing in Simon’s room. They were playing happily together so I wasn’t really thinking about them very much other than to smile happily at something I overheard every once in awhile.

All of a sudden, they both came running in the bathroom and shouting about some stuffed animals they were holding. Elias shouted, “Mommy look! I have a turtle and Simon has a flamingo!” I smiled and said something like “Wow!” until I noticed that Simon was holding an octopus, not a flamingo. I commented on this fact to Elias, and he laughed, clearly joking and said, “No! It’s a flamingo!”

Meanwhile, Simon was shouting “Famigo. Famigo. Famigo!” over and over again. Eventually, Elias ran out into the other room. Simon looked at me, held out his octopus, and shouted, “Famigo!”

I told Simon that what he was holding was actually an octopus. He looked at me. He looked at Elias in the other room, and looked back at me again. He started giggling really hard, and shouted “Famigo!” before running off to play with Elias again.


Simon is only 19 months old, and already his brother has more influence over him than I do!

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