Halloween Fun Continues!

We started our Halloween festivities two weekends ago with the MOMS club Halloween party in which we hosted over forty people in our house. The fun continued this weekend with our church Halloween party, and the carving of our pumpkin.

Elias planted three pumpkin seeds last spring, and we have been watching them grow. We got one really great pumpkin! It was fun to carve it and see the full circle.

P1190912Then we went to our church for the party. We had an astronaut:

P1190931And a pirate:

P1190950The party was a lot of fun, but the boys’ two favorite activities were cookie decorating and the spider ring toss. Elias loved decorating, but refused to try even one bite of the cookie. Simon loved both the decorating and the eating.

P1190942Here are the boys at the spider ring toss.


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