All Hallows Read

Anyone who really knows me knows that I can hardly pass up a chance to acquire new children’s books. So…a few years ago when I came across Neil Gaiman’s idea of “All Hallows Read” on the internet, I jumped on the bandwagon. The last three Halloweens or so I’ve given the boys a book for Halloween.

This year I may have let my self control slip a little bit. I got each of the boys three books. I don’t know what happened other than I kept finding good bargains. We had six new fall/Halloween books to read this evening.

Elias was very excited about the presents, and as soon as Daddy was through the door, he declared it present opening time.

P1200064Simon is getting really good at saying ‘cheese’ for me these days.

P1200068They dug in and enjoyed the books themselves for a few minutes. Of course…they each chose a book I had given to the other one.

P1200074 P1200073But this is what it’s really all about, folks! Reading books with the boys! Celebrating stories. Remembering any time is good for reading time.

P1200077 P1200078

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  1. janet says:

    Good mothers (and fathers) know a child can never have too many books….. (and celebrate their child’s ability to write his/ her first and last name with a trip to the library for the child’s first very own library card.) You and Nathan are great parents.

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