Hilarious Hair Night

P1190992Tonight was hilarious hair night at AWANA. Earlier in the day I was discussing this with Elias as we went out to purchase some hair gel. He got more than a little anxious when I mentioned I was going to make his hair spiky. There were even a couple of tears involved. So…I backed way off telling him that nothing bad was going to happen, and didn’t mention it again.

After dinner, I attacked his hair with a P1190993gel-filled comb, and went to town. He was nervous at first, and kept trying to wipe his head on the couch, but once I explained it to him, and let him see himself in the mirror, he was all for it.

When we got to AWANA, we saw that many people really went all out. There were a lot of mohawks, so I’m glad we went with something different. It was fun to try out something new!

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