Disney On Ice!

P1190909We decided to take the boys to Disney on Ice for a treat this afternoon. The show is in town for only a couple of days. As we were waiting in line to enter the Moda Center, there were about a thousand little girls in Anna and Elsa dresses. There were some little boys too. We made it to our seats, and the show started. Simon was absolutely entranced. Elias enjoyed it as well, and to tell the truth, Nathan and I had a good time too! The characters “celebrated” many different holidays. It was fun seeing the boys so interested in the show.

P1190911By the time we got home, it was past 6pm, and we needed to get dinner quick! Elias kept saying he really wanted a picnic, but seeing as we were in the middle of a wind storm which caused large branches from the neighbors trees to fall onto our house and driveway, we couldn’t go outside. I suggested we have a picnic in the living room instead. Elias went for the idea, and we had a fun time eating together on our living room rug. I let the boys choose whatever they wanted to eat for dinner. Elias had toast, cheese, banana, and fruit leather. Simon had grilled cheese, grapes, white cheddar mac and cheese, and graham crackers.

Call me crazy, but there was one point of our afternoon where I just was almost in tears. (And no…it wasn’t all the lights and music and smoke causing it). I just felt so lucky to be able to take my kids to fun shows. I felt so lucky to have a free evening where we can all be together eating dinner on the living room floor. I hope these are the days the boys remember some day.

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