The Haircut

Well….it’s happened. The dreaded hair cut. I’ve been holding on to Simon’s curls for as long as I can, but even I had to admit that his hair was getting a little too long and ratty. It was time to get the little boy hair cut.

The funny part is, that I had no plans to get the hair cut, but last Tuesday after we dropped Elias off at preschool, Simon and I had about an hour to kill before his tiny jumpers class. It all of a sudden occurred to me that I could get his hair cut, and surprise Nathan. We went to Pig Tails and Crew Cuts because I’ve heard from other moms that it’s a fun place to go. They even have a little first hair cut package with a picture and a little baggy for his locks of hair.

Simon got to sit in and drive a taxi, and watch part of Toy Story as he lost the curls. I didn’t get emotional or anything….but he does look a lot older now. The lighting in the pictures is horrible and hard to see, but I’m sure there will be better pictures coming up in future posts about other family adventures. Here he is with his new “do.” The hair is still curly, but not really long enough to form real ringlets as it was doing. It’s ok. It’s all about the phases when they are this age. The phase of the ringlets is over. We’re moving on.

P1190895 P1190898

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