I was a bit worried about trick-or-treating this morning, as it was pouring rain! Mid morning it stopped and was dry the rest of the afternoon. Of course, right as dinner time rolled around, it began pouring again. Nathan got home from work, soaked, saying that he had left our umbrella at work. Hmmmm….

Luckily the rain slowed to a drizzle just as we were ready to head out the door. The boys were super excited. Well…Elias was excited and Simon just fed off that energy. Here they are ready to head out. (Elias really was happy….he was just making funny faces instead of smiling)

P1200080We went trick-or-treating on our street, and a couple other streets near us. Elias took charge of ringing the doorbells and shouting “trick-or-treat!” At most houses, he said it before they even opened the door, but there a few times he really nailed the timing. Simon was just along for the ride, but he got the hang of it pretty quickly. Here they are heading up to a house together.

P1200084The rain did stop, but by then Simon was already a bit damp from the drizzle. Elias was fine in his space man costume, but Simon was getting cold, and it was nearing bed time. We headed home.

Elias immediately poured all his loot out on the table to look it over. He was lucky…he even got some crayons! He chose a sucker and just took in the greatness of it all. I even offered that he could choose one more, but he refused. What a guy!

P1200097Simon took out the top candy from his bucket and immediately wanted to eat it. He got his first taste of peanut butter M&M’s and spit them out. He ate a kit kat instead.

P1200095After enjoying a bit of candy, we had some trick-or-treaters of our own that Elias got to hand out candy to. They boys certainly enjoyed their night.

P1200100Then it was time for baths and bed. Poor Simon is still up there whimpering in his crib. The excitement was just too much I guess, and he’s having a hard time falling asleep. Hopefully he’ll have sweet dreams soon!


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