Getting to Know Our Newest Cousin

This evening we got to go to the hospital to visit baby James. The boys were very excited, and when we got to the hospital, Simon kept saying “doctor”. I told him that actually, we were there to visit baby James, and he yelled “Baby James!” and practically ran the entire way to the room.

The boys were pretty full of energy while we were there climbing on the couch and other such escapades. However, they were very careful around their cousin. I could tell Elias really wanted to get closer, but wasn’t sure what to do. I explained that he couldn’t touch James’ face, but he could kiss him on the head. He did so once, twice, and kept coming back for more. This prompted Simon to want to do so as well. It was quite cute.

P1210491 P1210492It was fun watching the boys starting to bond with their cousin. For my part, it felt good to hold a baby. Especially one that I love so dearly already! It’s great to have a baby in the family again. Nathan said I hogged him, but I did eventually give Nathan a turn.


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  1. Linda says:

    Such fun for the boys and their mom and dad too! Us grandparents are having a great time too!

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