More Birthday Fun!

Somehow we’ve managed to spread Simon’s birthday celebrations out into many different weekends. This weekend, we had some friends over to celebrate. Nathan and I were up late last night doing some last minute decorating and craft preparing. Then this morning the fun began!

Simon chose a Mickey Mouse birthday theme. He and his friends made Mickey Mouse canvas bags and played together with lots of toys. We also had a pinata. When we went to the party store to pick up a couple of supplies, Elias started begging for a pinata. He had had a pinata at his own fourth birthday and loved it, and wanted to repeat the experience. At first I said no because it was Simon’s birthday and we don’t always need to do pinatas. But then Elias started changing his tactics. He started trying to convince Simon that he wanted a pinata. That, of course, worked because Simon wants to do everything Elias does. Pretty soon I had Simon saying “pinata” over and over again at me as well. I caved. I showed Simon all of the Mickey Mouse pinatas, but he wanted the basketball one.

The kids had a tough time breaking the pinata, but I think they all had fun. Everyone got a few turns if they wanted.

11004496_777189375683671_337822285_n 11020422_777189349017007_1233529143_nAfter lunch, we sang “Happy birthday” to Simon. He had quite a funny look on his face during the song, but he did enjoy it, and he especially liked blowing out the candles.

10997182_777189229017019_200533429_nAfter the party, Simon took a nice long nap. Then we came back down stairs and he got to open his presents.

P1210467Simon took his time and wanted to play with each new thing. Thank you to everyone who helped make Simon’s birthday party special!

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