Snippets From Today

Sometimes I just like to write down a few of the things my children are saying for my own memories. Today, some of them may even provide you a laugh. So here you go…some snippets from Elias today:

1. Who gives babies their first bath?

2. Why do babies come out all yucky?

3. I’m choosing a red bracelet because red will be my favorite color soon. Red will be my favorite color in March.

4. You clean at home. I only help clean at school. (I guess I’m glad he helps out at school…but you better believe I had something to say to him about that comment)

5. Me: Ok time for prayers

Elias: Can you pray tonight? I will pray in March. (I don’t know why he is all of a sudden fascinated with March)

6. Do you want me to help you get some water, Simon?

7. I love Hermione

8. I forgot to sing Mrs. Kimball the pink pie popcorn song.

9. Come clean me please!

10. Simon is a good boy.


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