Valentine’s Fun With Friends

It’s all in having a sense of balance.

Earlier today we had about 25 people over at our house for a fun valentine’s celebration. There were kids and toys everywhere. I have to admit that at times it may have been a bit overwhelming with that many people in a relatively small space. But I thrive on the pitter patter of feet and the squeals and giggles of delight. I thrive on messy paint hair and sticky glue. I thrive on cars whizzing by and moms chatting it up while watching our kids play.

As long as there is balance.

The party ended. We cleaned up a bit more. We ate lunch. And now one of the boys is napping and the other is having quiet time. I am sitting here now and all is quiet. It is peaceful.

P1210325It makes the crazy fun of earlier today even more worth it.

Elias talked all through lunch about playing pretend balloon fighting with his friends and about all of the valentine treats he received. Simon was in a mood during the party…who knows why. He was very clingy. But during our attempt at a picture he just sat there all angelic. I think the picture taking was Simon’s favorite part of the party. We are missing two kids from this picture, but it was the best I could do. Have you every tried to get fifteen kids to sit in one place all at the same time? As you can see, some are happy, and some are not so happy at being forced to sit all together. I promise everyone had some fun at one point or another, though!

P1210322Now I am going to try and read or maybe even take a fifteen minute snooze before quiet time is over!

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