The Newest Bartle Generation!

We have a new family member! At 10:10 this morning our nephew, James Kealoha was born to my brother and sister’s waiting arms. The Bartle name lives on for another generation! (and hopefully many more!)

The boys and I were running around like crazy this morning trying to beat the clock (or beat the labor I guess you would say). Simon had his 2 year well check, and then we had to go to a number of stores in order to get some last minute things for Simon’s birthday party tomorrow. While we were at Winco, I got the text that he had been born. We left before I had gotten everything I needed…I didn’t even realize it until much later, though! I see a very late night trip to Winco in my future.

Anyway, I raced the boys home, packed a lunch, changed a diaper, and headed off to the hospital waiting room. Here were all of James’ cousins in the waiting room.

P1210425 After James got his first bath, it was our turn to go and see him. Just Nathan and I went first, then the boys came a little later. I was so proud of my brother getting right in there learning how to change diapers.

P1210427Look at how cute he is! Just perfect! And look at that hair!

P1210444My brother picked up a comb and started combing James’ hair as he was warming up after the bath. James really seemed to love it.

P1210449P1210448After he was warm enough then we got to wrap him up all comfy and take a turn holding him. Proud Daddy!

P1210454Proud Auntie!

P1210455Proud Uncle! (Nathan just happened to need to drive a van out the data center west to pick up some equipment so he stopped by the hospital. What luck on the timing!)

P1210458And the boys got to meet him too! Simon had absolutely zero interest. Well…I think he did point at James once and say “baby.” Elias was a little nervous, but was whispering to James things like “Hi James” and “I’m Elias” and “I’m your cousin” These were things I prompted him to say, but it was a huge step up from two years ago when Simon was born!

P1210464Elias talked about James most of the way home in the car. He is very excited and kept saying “I have three cousins now!”

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